Our Candidates' Testimonial

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  • Mr. Ratha
  • Mr. Sothearath
  • Miss. Sreynich
  • Mr. Komsort
  • Mr. J U L I E N
  • Mr. Chantha
  • Mr. Ratanak
  • Mr. Sumsoksa
  • Miss. Seka

Enterwise has changed me during the my new job seeing. They not only took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in my next career move and connected me with great opportunities that aligned with my goals. They have a good interview discussion and job matching process untile I got offered a passionate job. Enterwise is my best carree consultant. I can say that "I will call to Enterwise when I am looking to make my next move". Thanks Enterwise for all you have done for me in my career journey.

Mr. Ratha

Enterwise's team is very understood the kind of role and industry their candidate wanted to work in. They have a good understanding of the employment market and could introduce me to the right employment in a FMCGs. They were catching up on my progress often. Their strong relationship and commercial skills and their good connections in market were of a great help for me to find the perfect job. I highly recommend Enterwise whether you look for a job. Thank Enterwise team and see you again in my next move.

Mr. Sothearath

ENTERWISE was very responsive throughout the entire process from start to finish. They are really professional but also personable - exactly the kind of person I like working with. I would absolutely recommend anyone to reach out for a chat with ENTERWISE if you’re looking for a next step.

Miss. Sreynich

I would highly recommend ENTERWISE and the team recruitment. ENTERWISE manages the whole process so efficiently and clearly, ensuring that I am well prepared and informed from beginning to end. ENTERWISE, the Recruitment team is easy to deal with and ensures that I am informed about various roles the team has available.

Mr. Komsort

ENTERWISE is a great professional and helped me a lot to get a love job. ENTERWISE was providing me with a lot of interesting and valuable positions that I was suitable for and was really thinking what will be the best option for my future career. I am glad that I was working with their team. ENTERWISE's team shared extremely useful thoughts and even helped with preparation for interviews.

Mr. J U L I E N

"I really enjoyed working with ENTERWISE. They assisted me throughout the interview and negotiation process and was always available to consult. They provided me with updates on regular basis that put me at ease and made the whole process easier."

Mr. Chantha

ENTERWISE's team are very open and positive person. They listen very carefully when I am telling them something. They prepared me very well for the job interview I was going to have. They gave really good advice and supported me very well during the entire hiring process.

Mr. Ratanak

"It was a pleasure to work with a professional like ENTERWISE. They helped me to find my new job and I am very happy about the process. It went very quick, smoothly and professional. They are an expert in recruiting people. I would definitely recommend them when in need for a new job."

Mr. Sumsoksa

ENTERWISE's team are very understood the kind of role and industry which I wanted to work in. They have strong relationship and supportful. They have connections in market, so help me lots to find the perfect job. I would recommend Enterwise whether you find next move. Thank ENTERWISE and will recommend my connection for next move.

Miss. Seka